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Cheaper calls

Welcome to Dial Smart

No need to buy a calling card ever - just Dial Smart and save straight away.

Our revolutionary new technology empowers you to make cheaper international phone calls in an instant. See how much you can save right away!

Credit Card NO account or credit card Calling Cards NO calling cards or PIN numbers Phone Bill NO bill or hidden charges to pay

Moreover, using the service is as easy as 1-2-3:

Cheaper Calls

1. Dial the appropriate access number for your destination.

2. Then dial your international number in full.

3. That's it - you're connected for less, so you can talk for longer without worrying about the costs!

Now, you can use your BT landline phone to call America and Europe from 2p per minute, India from 5p per minute, Bangladesh from 4p per minute and more ...

Furthermore, you can now call loads of destinations completely free of cost with Dial Smart!

Call for less